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From understanding everything about wine service and wine lists, to becoming a wine expert in the fine dining industry, becoming an advanced sommelier is a worthy career goal. However, if you are thinking about taking a sommelier course, or wondering how you can earn a sommelier certificate, you might not realize there is a way to make money doing what you love while learning everything you need to know to become a consummate wine professional.

Whether you are an experienced wine sommelier or if you have a passion for wine tasting and are trying to turn it into a career, BenchConnect can help you find your next gig. We have all the resources you need to fill your schedule, gain experience, and connect with establishments in your area to further add to your knowledge of wine. Once you download and sign-up on our app, the sommelier jobs you have been looking for will be right at your fingertips.

How BenchConnect Works for You

BenchConnect is a state-of-the-art app that helps connect employers with temporary workers so that each shift is filled. We know that your hours are important to you, so being able to craft your own schedule and have a say in when you work is one of the many advantages of working with BenchConnect. If you have a busy schedule, are considering a side gig, or just need to pick up shifts to generate a little extra income, then BenchConnect is the perfect fit.

We will also handle your payments, so you never need to track down the employers you work for or worry about collecting individual pay stubs. We will make sure each pay stub is deposited directly to your bank account and you will be able to keep track of earnings right in the app. If you ever experience any issues with your compensation, you can simply contact our Community Managers who will work with you to settle any dispute.

Another fantastic feature of the BenchConnect App is that we will request and adapt to your feedback about employers. Whether it is a great experience with a helpful manager or a restaurant that you would prefer to avoid in the future, we will take it all into consideration the next time we recommend gigs.

Getting a leg up in the sommelier industry doesn’t necessarily need to be a difficult and arduous challenge. You can rely on the already available leads that we provide to find reputable employers and stable gigs that will keep you as busy as you want to be. A true love of wine, and a bit of knowledge of the wine industry, will get you started with assistant sommelier jobs. Additionally, BenchConnect can help you continue to grow your career in the sommelier profession as your skills increase.

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