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All BenchConnect application forms can be completed and signed electronically. No paperwork or printing needed.

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Flexible Scheduling

Work when you want where you want.

With BenchConnect, there’s no more time wasted searching for gigs or trying to juggle multiple schedules. Just enter your availability and we’ll find the interim roles that work for you.

Work extra shifts to bank more cash. Work around your life and your schedule. With BenchConnect, the choice is always yours.

We will only match you for the times you specify availability. So, we’ll never step on your me-time.

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Handpick Your Opportunities

Work Your Way

BenchConnect analyzes your preferred roles, past performance, assessed skills, and availability to select the best gigs near you.

More Availability Means More $$$

The more availability you enter on BenchConnect, the more you work and the more money you can earn.

Getting Better All The Time

Every gig you complete improves our BenchConnect matching capabilities, helping us improve our ability to find you the kind of work you want.

Career Advancement

Our Compass connection allows BenchConnect to help you take your career to the next level

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

With BenchConnect, you work where you want, when you want. After each gig, you’ll rate your experience. If that role didn’t do it for you. No problem, we won’t book you there again.

Your feedback is anonymous, so no employer will ever know how you rated them. Your rating is only used to help us enhance your BenchConnect experience and find you the roles you’ll love.

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the full bench press

BenchConnect is your one-touch source for highly-experienced Front-of-House and Back-of-House performers for your corporate hospitality locations, high-end catering events, fine dining restaurants, and much more.

Our deep pool of talent are all W-2 employees of BenchConnect (part of Compass Group, NAD) who undergo a rigorous vetting process that includes background checks, multiple interviews, skills assessment, and more. BenchConnect also offers an in-depth training program while constantly evaluating the strengths and skill sets of each employee.

Staffing Made Simple

BenchConnect is here to support Compass Group operators like you in a number of different ways. We can help support your immediate day-of staffing shortfalls. We are here to help fulfill any unexpected peak requirement for labor. And we are here to support you in achieving your weekly budget goals by providing you with real-time pricing estimates. The BenchConnect team is here to assist with your daily management of our current fluid labor requirements in every way we can.  

  • Quality Staffing
    Highest Quality Staffing

    BenchConnect leverages the latest technology to ensure that we consistently outperform traditional staffing agencies and suppliers. With BenchConnect you’re always assured the most up-to-date assessments of personnel.

  • Dream Team
    Build Your Bench

    You can count on us to assemble your dream team of multi-talented performers, based on your ratings of the staff that has worked for you. Every shift our team members complete improves our ability to offer you the most qualified performers available.

  • Vigorously Vetted
    Vigorously Vetted

    All BenchConnect team members we provide you with are W2 employees of BenchConnect, a subdivision of Compass Group, NAD. We provide all screening, vetting, onboarding, training, and payroll.

  • Total Transparency
    Total Transparency

    With BenchConnect, you can view actual fulfillment status in real-time. And our geo-tracking allows you to know when your workers are in route, onsite, and on the job.

  • Instant Communication
    Instant Communication

    BenchConnect makes it easy to communicate last-minute changes to your team, saving time, and improving your productivity. Our Service Delivery Manager will ensure you have the staff you need to impress your clients.

  • Simple Check-Ins
    Simple Check-Ins

    BenchConnect provides a comprehensive roster in advance (including name, photo, and accreditations) to help streamline your security and operational efficiency.

BenchConnect DOES IT ALL

  • Real Time Staffing
    Real-Time, All The Time

    With our transparent approach to staffing, you get instant access to the real-time information you need to run your business.

  • 24/365 platform
    24/7 – 365

    Our BenchConnect platform is continuously working to take your requests, staff every shift, add contingencies, and identify potential risks.

  • Communication
    The 411 On Everyone

    Our BenchConnect TEAMWORK app displays the latest fulfillment metrics, geo-location status of your BenchConnect staff in route, allowing you to communicate directly and instantly with every performer on your team.

  • Top Quality Talent
    Raising The Bar

    With our intelligent technology, BenchConnect supports our performers by incentivizing them to continually increase their performance skills and enhance their service quality by providing greater work opportunities for our most consistent performers.

Powered by Compass

BenchConnect is backed by Compass Group North America, NAD, the country’s leading food and support services company. Our comprehensive training program utilizes the best experts in a variety of settings, including large event spaces and corporate kitchens.

Our instructors provide hands-on training for all Front- and Back-of-House positions. We arm our BenchConnect team members with the hospitality expertise they need to thrive in any Compass environment.

Our in-depth assessments ensure that all BenchConnect performers have reference checks and several years of comprehensive work experience.

Let’s Get Cooking

If you are currently a Compass Group operator, please click on the Bench Chat Button at the bottom right corner or call us at 1-833-GOBENCH for additional support to begin building your BenchConnect team.