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Use our simple step-by-step directions to register on your mobile phone and specify the type of work you want.

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All BenchConnect application forms can be completed and signed electronically. No paperwork or printing needed.

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Once you’re registered, just book a convenient time for your face-to-face interview. We can’t wait to learn more about you.

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Flexible Scheduling

Work when you want where you want.

With BenchConnect, there’s no more time wasted searching for gigs or trying to juggle multiple schedules. Just enter your availability and we’ll find the interim roles that work for you.

Work extra shifts to bank more cash. Work around your life and your schedule. With BenchConnect, the choice is always yours.

We will only match you for the times you specify availability. So, we’ll never step on your me-time.

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Handpick Your Opportunities

Work Your Way

BenchConnect analyzes your preferred roles, past performance, assessed skills, and availability to select the best gigs near you.

More Availability Means More $$$

The more availability you enter on BenchConnect, the more you work and the more money you can earn.

Getting Better All The Time

Every gig you complete improves our BenchConnect matching capabilities, helping us improve our ability to find you the kind of work you want.

Career Advancement

Our Compass connection allows BenchConnect to help you take your career to the next level

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

With BenchConnect, you work where you want, when you want. After each gig, you’ll rate your experience. If that role didn’t do it for you. No problem, we won’t book you there again.

Your feedback is anonymous, so no employer will ever know how you rated them. Your rating is only used to help us enhance your BenchConnect experience and find you the roles you’ll love.

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the full bench press

BenchConnect is here to support you in a number of different ways. We can help you gain better control over your schedule, support your desire to improve your job skills, achieve your career goals and find a better balance between your work life and a great life.

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  • Flexible Hours
    Flexible Hours

    Work when you want, where you want.

  • Perfect Match
    Find The Perfect Match

    We match your gigs with your experience level and preferences.

  • Curated Job
    Up Your Game

    We can help you improve your job skills and earning potential.

  • Payroll
    Bank On Us

    Get weekly pay deposited directly into your account with pay stubs and year-to-date earnings at your fingertips.

  • Community Managers
    We’ve Got Your Back

    Our Community Managers are always available to help.

  • Powered by Compass
    Powered by Compass

    With BenchConnect behind you, and the Compass Group behind us, you can look to BenchConnect to help take your career goals and opportunities to the next level.

Powered by Compass

With BenchConnect and our association with Compass Group, NAD, you can rest assured you will only be working with top drawer clients. As part of the Compass Group, one of the world’s leading food service operators, we ensure the strictest standards to guarantee that you are always treated with the dignity and respect your work deserves.

competitive rates

  • Rocket

    BenchConnect offers competitive hourly rates based on the role performed & your experience.

  • Taxes

    We handle W2 withholding taxes, to help minimize end-of-the-year tax bills.

  • bank

    Your money is direct deposited in your account every week.

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We’re seeking quality talent for a wide variety of hospitality roles. Call 1-833-GOBENCH for additional support.