How to Find High -
Quality Staffing Now!

Hiring managers understand the difficulty that comes when trying to staff their establishments on short notice. Thankfully with the advancement of technology over the years, right now staffing is easier to find than ever before. The simplest way to find qualified workers is to simply download the BenchConnect app and let our system match you with applicants.

Why Choose BenchConnect

Wait staff at a restaurant hold multiple plates with food on their hands and arms.

BenchConnect is an app that helps employers searching for gig staffing connect with temp workers who have the appropriate skillset for the job. We interview each applicant to better judge their experience and what they are searching for in an employer. Using this data, we process the best matches for job seekers and employers.

The gig economy in the service/hospitality industry is booming as the third largest sector of the United States economy. Its high demand for workers isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

Temporary Staffing During Vacation & Leave

Worried about being short-staffed due to a medical leave or employee’s vacation? Using temporary workers can make your full-time staff more productive, as they reduce the workload and stress on regular staff. Their flexibility is also fantastic for businesses that go through seasonal changes, such as outdoor catering services in the summer.

Another great reason to hire temporary staff is to scout out potential full-time hires from this pool of candidates. If a gig worker meshes well with your team, shows drive and commitment, and possesses the skill set you desire,, then you may want to make them a long term offer.

The Best Gig Work Employees When You Need Them

Our staff of placement experts will communicate with you to find exactly what you are looking for in the temporary workers you need. Whether it is bartenders, caterers, or even more specialized roles such as sommeliers, we have helped businesses of all kinds. If your industry deals with temp workers, then BenchConnect is definitely worth investigating for your hiring needs.

Get Connected!

Make hiring simple with the BenchConnect app and let us help fill your schedule. We will even be able to assist you with paying the temp employees through the app, making it the only tool you need. Get a leg up on your competition by downloading The Bench Connect app today.

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We’re seeking quality talent for a wide variety of hospitality roles. Call 1-833-GOBENCH for additional support.