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The hiring process can be challenging, and putting up a help wanted sign in your business window has become a thing of the past. With all the advancements in technology over the years, it only makes sense that there are more efficient ways to find flexible workers to help your business succeed.

While some may look to social media, job boards, or a referral program to find a job, there may be better ways to find good employees. Hopefully these hiring tips for are useful for you next time you are looking for job seekers to help your team.

Be Specific

Instead of just slapping “Help Wanted” or “Servers Needed” on a sign out front, try to get as specific as possible about the open positions. Think over all the duties for the job description, especially ones that are unique to your event or kitchen, and write them down for a job task analysis. Knowing exactly what jobs they can cover as temp employees is great to keep you and them organized and more focused on completing their responsibilities, rather than going through the motions.

Qualified Cooks Chicago

Temporary staff is a great resource to have on busy days in the kitchen or events where you need an extra set of hands. Boost company culture by not overworking your staff and letting vacations happen as needed. Just add temp staff to fill in where you need.

Get the Right Help

The easiest way for you to find talented temp employees would be to use a trusted and reliable recruiting source. The Bench Connect App is one of these resources that can connect kitchens and events with thousands of qualified job candidates in no time. If you are interested in finding the best flexible staffing possible for your small business, sign up today!

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