Booking Bartending Gigs
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Now is a fantastic time to find yourself a new position behind a bar, and BenchConnect is here to help! The days of searching “Bartending jobs near me” will be a thing of the past, as the BenchConnect App provides all the resources you need to find the perfect part time bartending position. Sign up with us today and start getting the valuable and rewarding gigs you’ve been looking for!

A New Way to Find New Jobs

When you’re behind a bar, people recognize you as a representative of that establishment. It only makes sense that you’d like to work for a business with a reputation that is worth representing - and that's where we come in. Using our extensive database of employers in need of employees, we will help you find the perfect position based on your needs and priorities.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for flexibility in your schedule, the ability to advance your career, or even learning new skills, the opportunities are endless when you sign up with BenchConnect. We proactively work with you to find the best schedule for you as we book your gigs, and you manage your own time cards - not some third party.

You also won’t have to be concerned about inconsistent pay periods, as you will be paid through the app each week on a regular basis, no matter how many scheduled shifts you were able to work.

Your Feedback Matters

Our app also allows you to provide anonymous feedback for each of the shifts you work so we can better understand what qualifications you are looking for in an employer. If you didn’t enjoy the experience, we won’t recommend that establishment to you in the future. Each review makes the entire app more efficient so that you, and everyone who utilizes BenchConnect, are paired with the best bartending opportunities based on your preferences.

BenchConnect is backed by the Compass Group, one of the largest food service operating organizations in the world. Being supported by such a renowned group ensures you will only be presented the best opportunities that meet our exacting standards and your lifestyle preferences.

Find Out if BenchConnect Is Right for You!

If you want to simplify the process of finding bar jobs, BenchConnect is a great way to get ahead of the competition. Put our matchmaking skills to work for you, so you can find the most successful gigs and get back behind the bar serving up delicious cocktails to thirsty customers. There’s no reason to delay, visit our website and download our app today!

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